POLL: Pick a name for “Garry’s World”!

You can now choose a name. I’ve selected three names, but if I’m right, the poll should allow you to submit your own name.


Dark Bloxxed: Redux is Flash.

I just wanted to clear my point out.

Why? Roblox sucks in Machinima. The trusty camera tool that did alot in the game now broke, and I can’t just do it with the low quality. Roblox acts like a low-budget movie, while flash looks like a high-budget movie.

One more thing, I think some of you haven’t seen this artwork yet…

The Flying Blade

Also known as the freakin’ flying blades.


I guess we’re now open…

So hello!

I wonder what is it going to be like having a blog of the Productions. Maybe I can display flash previews here. Well, one thing is for sure, the forum seems dead, any staff member who wishes to be able to post on the blog, go send me a message. SO, I guess we can say welcome!