School Project, and a Video Publishing Site Change

Hey everyone.

I’ve got some good and bad news. I’ve been given a school project to do about blood donations. I’m in a team of 3, while the other two people are ****! So I’ve gotta do the job all by myself. But I’m going to use thoses machinima talents to help me get an A. So I’d probably be busy doing stuff.

But the good news! Ahem: I am changing the site where I will host my Machinimas at! It is Revver, a site that in the end of the video, you find an ad. If you want to support me, click that ad, (and close it if you want straight after) and you’ll give me some money (so that I can “feed” my greediness). Don’t worry, I’ll post a preview link on YouTube when the video is submitted (like AVGN, in a way) so that you won’t need to register on Revver to subscribe to me.

Also, the fact I get some money is more encouraging for making machinimas.

On another story, I’m going to slightly change the intro (not the logo, but the animation), as well as other stuff. And I just started to do some random sprite comics. Yay.


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