Brawl Textures now created.

Because I’m more into Texture Hacking now. Go check the page out. (BTW, new textures.)


Random Day at School

So today we started at 10:30. Vincent couldn’t eat fries because Clem simply pushed his cafeteria tray, and the cooks were all b**ches, even menacing him with a report. Serious sh*t.

Then we have a random korean class, that took over the History lesson, and we gotta do RESEARCH for it. She’s coming back next week. And then the english teacher takes a journey to hollywood, while I was trying to stop myself from talking about all the movie SFXs.

Then the art teacher says we must give all the work back. Problem is, she was absent for 4 weeks, the replacement teacher said we can THROW our old stuff. Bull.

My history teacher is acting strange theses days. She appeared in the korean class, the technology class, and is very involved in class life. Hmmm.

New Portal Ending

So, VALVe released another Portal update. This one modifies slightly the ending. Check it out below:

Could this be a hint to Portal 2? Episode 3? Who knows.

Now, for something completely different. I made my first brawl texture hack! Check it out!

Download: Sapphire the Hedgehog (PCSPAC)

He’s just my first try, so give mercy.

Cleaning your Wii lens, at home, for free!

As you may know, Nintendo is currently selling a Wii Lens Cleaner for all thoses Wii who get the terrible “Press the EJECT Button” error after placing a game inside. Most people used this to save themselfs from having to send their Wiis to Nintendo in order to play Smash Bros. Brawl. However, this thing costs around 5€ (10 US Dollars on, and you might wanna keep that money to like… get a chocolate bar.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present…

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