Cleaning your Wii lens, at home, for free!

As you may know, Nintendo is currently selling a Wii Lens Cleaner for all thoses Wii who get the terrible “Press the EJECT Button” error after placing a game inside. Most people used this to save themselfs from having to send their Wiis to Nintendo in order to play Smash Bros. Brawl. However, this thing costs around 5€ (10 US Dollars on, and you might wanna keep that money to like… get a chocolate bar.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present…

The Homemade Wii Lens Cleaner

Let me warn you, this might not be as safe as the official wii lens cleaner (in fact, it might make your wii lens work less!), but I tried this myself (SSBB was not working, but every other game does) just three days ago. Afterwards, Brawl worked flawlessly (in Gecko and on the Wii Menu). If your feel couragous enough to give it a go, I can’t stop you. How to make? Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Carton. Must be thick enough for it not to bend easily and must be able to enter the wii disc drive.
  • Scissors.
  • Super Glue.
  • Scotch.
  • Coton.
  • Alcohol at 90°C.
  • A pen.
  • A DVD.

So first get yourself your piece of carton. Place the DVD on it and retrace it on the carton so that you obtain the DVD’s outlines. Then trace a rectangle that “glued” to DVD’s outline. It must be long enough so it can stick out of the Wii Driver.

Click the image for a full view of the mesures.

Try to redo that rectangle in the image above. Inside that rectangle, you’ll place a thin piece of coton, but a tiny bit thick, by glueing it with the super glue. To be extra sure that the coton won’t fall in the driver, add scotch all around the piece of coton, but leave some space in the center of the coton without any scotch on it. Once that’s done, add in a very little amount of alcohol in the center of the coton. Get ready, we’re gonna place this in the wii.

Insert the lens cleaner as shown in the picture.

Once you’ve inserted it into the Wii, move the rectangle that’s sticking out up and down 3/4 of an inch only, for about 10-20 times. Once that’s done, press the EJECT Button and then take back your piece of carton.

Tadaa! You’re done! If you’ve followed everything in this tutorial, try inserting a game (inserting ssbb is the true judgement factor, however.). If it reads, then good for you! Ever since I did this trick, I celebrated online by playing (for the first time in months), SSBB online.

If you liked this tutorial, please have a visit to the home page, where you can watch TF2 Videos, Source Filmmaker videos and more. Also, you might want to donate to me. I’m saving up for some things, and if you want more tutorials like theses, I encourage you to do a little donation. Heck, even a nickle can be nice.


12 responses to “Cleaning your Wii lens, at home, for free!

      • I wouldn’t recommend putting the whole through. It just going to end up spinning the card-board and possibly doing more damage. IMO, do NOT cut out the hole in the middle.

  1. I just got Metroid: Other M for my birthday a few days ago and my Wii couldn’t read it. 😦 It couldn’t read SSBB either, but it read most other games just fine. I tried this today and it worked for me, too! Thanks a ton for the great idea. I actually used one of those clear plastic DVD-shaped discs that you find at the bottom of a spindle of blank DVDs/CDs and I cut a piece off of an old credit card and taped it on as a handle. Worked like a charm!

  2. hey its real?????
    if it realy works y wil try it
    y buy bros brawl 2 times and now i know that the problem itsnt the cd and i will try it thanks

  3. This absolutely works. You can also use a good quality bath tissue and tape it on. I used 3-4 thicknesses of it put a few drops of isopropyl alcohol and my boys are playing ssbb as I type. I used a cereal box, the bath tissue and some scotch tape. Most place do not sell the wii lens cleaning kits anymore. I’m not sure why, but considering how easy it is to make your own, I don’t really care. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Do you do this while the console is on or off? Also, does the thing not get shredded by the disc drive trying to pull in a disc?

  5. This amazing thank you soooo much! I did it with a clear cd that comes with a case of cd-r’s and a cotton ball. it fixed it instantly!!! You are amazing!

  6. it did not work for me and i tried it just how you said and all my games still dont work and its not the games it is the wii

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