So I’ve been thinking if doing Professor Heavy and the secret of Pyro with bots would be easier than begging my steam friends, since very little moving is going to occur. However, I’m not sure how to add bots with hats. Anyway, this post is labeled as Sneak Peak, because I got some stuff to show.

Hit the jump for more.

First of all, we got a logo. Yes, it might look like a steak, but it isn’t. Moving on.

Here we have the puzzle intro. The number is going to change depending on the puzzle your playing. Also note a little title of the puzzle will show under the number.

Here we have the incorrect and correct screens. Very abstract, huh? And I guess that’s it… Oh wait, here’s a preview of a puzzle.

What does this mean? No, I won’t give you the puzzle’s description, or you’ll find out before the video even is made!


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