Downloads again?

Update: I didn’t add the stuff in it, but it’s there and nice to look at. Stuff should be coming soon.

I’m trying to rebuild the Downloads page, should include stuff such as video downloads, wallpapers, resources (bsp, textures, music…) and more.

Medic Bond is still in the Works. I still need a good name, but I guess it will do as a placeholder.

Feel free to send me suggestions.


Sapphire has posted a blog post!

It’s super effective! Sapphire gained 23 EXP! Sapphire has leveled up! Sapphire is now level 25!…

If you still don’t understand, then here’s what I’m saying in English: I’m making an RPG in RPG Maker VX. Simple as that. Expect it to have a serious and funny storyline with a mix between Half-Life, Disgaea and Internet itself. What does this mean? You’ll just have to wait! Ha ha!

On another note, I whipped up this quick wallpaper for Source Filmmaker. This can be used for your own Source Filmmaker, if you want: just make it a vtf file and place it in the appropriate folder.

Hey, don’t expect a masterpiece. It’s supposed to be simple.