Bonk’s Edge: a Gameplay Trailer

Made in Source Filmmaker.


Venice: BLU Spawn

Here’s a quick preview of the BLU Team’s layout. The question comes to if this round and wide area won’t lead to Spawn Camping. Maybe I’ll place it above a height, just like in Gravel Pit.

Also, notice how the round area was inspired by Sonic Unleashed’s ACT 2 start area.

There are still quite a few things to do here, such as:

  • Place buildings in the background, so that Rocket Jumping Soldiers won’t see the edge of the world.
  • Place the setup gates.
  • Make the spawn room’s full design.
  • Dunno if I should do the Optimization process during the build process.

Hey, it’s mostly dev textures, but it will be textured after the entirety’s been built.

A Pyro’s Nightmare…

Image that person being Pyro.

Introducing a new map project I’m starting for Team Fortress 2: Venice (Pending Title).

The aim of this project is to make a water filled city for the Team Fortress 2 universe: abandon thoses endless deserts and alpine medieval Australians! However, expect the building design to be similar to the design of the Buildings in Sonic Unleashed’s Apotos stage.

The stage is going to have "More" Water.

The aimed release date shall be for the beginning of July, as a Summer present. I’ll update you guys of the progress of this map throughout the months and days to come. Keep note, production is faster during Holiday seasons, since I’ve got High School to attend to.

New map up for download!

Go check by the Download page, under the Source Engine Maps. I wonder why the images aren’t loading, though. The map is made for TF2 Machinimas, so it also works with Source Filmmaker. That’s only if you fixed the Gorge Textures for SFM using the Python script.

Checking by the description of the download, you can see that there’s an Untitled Unannounced Machinima upcoming. What’s that? You’ll just have to see.