My first experience with 3D. Surprising.

So I’ve experienced the first effect of this so-called “3D Experience” at the cinema. I was one of thoses types who said: “Bah, it’s just crap marketing that the world is falling for.” Now I take that line back… partially.

So I’ve decided to watch Tron: Legacy at the cinema with my brother. Being broke as hell, we did not have pop-corn, and unfortunately left the water at home. What did we bring? Dorritoes, great snack when your through is dry as hell during the entire course of the movie.

So we entered this absurdly tiny room. Yes, tiny. This is a big-ass cinema in Paris. Maybe it’s due to the fact that the viewers need to have the entire screen in front and not from an angle. Anyway, we arrived just on time, being rushed… for the advertisements. Great. Maybe that’s why piraters pirate. But that’s a dumb excuse. I mean, ADS ARE TEH BEST THI- *shot*. Once the advertisements are done, there’s the cinema’s mascot. He politly asks- *ahem* writes on the screen to make us wear 3D glasses. Are we are on a trip to acidity?

Ads. Ads in 3D. Genius. What’s the first ad?

Haribo. Nothing fancy, until a TON OF SWEETS FALL. This was amazing 3D. This deserves Best Picture of the Oscars hands down. Here, take a look. 3D Glasses needed.

And later on, more ads.

The film came on afterwards. A kind note pops out to tell us that some scenes of the movie were intentionally filmed in 2D. But do keep thoses glasses on. All the time.

What I did in the movie was remove the glasses in 2D scenes and place the glasses in 3D. The problem? There was BARELY ANY 3D SCENES. In the 3D Scenes, it only had something that made you flip: get yourself pwned by a disc. Badass. But it happened too rarely.

The movie had great visuals, bad ass music, but the only thing apart from the 3D lack was the Story’s clichéness: I foretold that the father would stay, the grid would go “boom” in some way, the girl and main character will escape safely and live happily ever after. And I completly forgot about Alan’s existance.

Funny that there’s no TRON related image to this post whatsoever?


Unexpected Linux Survival: First Days

First time I have an account on Linux. Up till now, I used to occasionally go on Linux to look up something fast, and not for productivity on the computer. I hear my brother come up before he left to University: “Oh yeah, I’ve set you up an account.”. I asked him the password, and he replied: “****************************” (That’s the actual lengh of my password). Seems like he knows my main password for 2 years.

So he then left. Of course, how boring today was, being the holidays and all, I decided to have a walk around, listening to Justice (Cross). Taking pictures with my phone as a mean to have image ressources for my maps, that kind of stuff. After around an hour, I head home.

I decided to start making my move on Linux during the time my brother is at University. I take out the laptop from it’s case, open the cover and press the ON Button. To my surprise, the boot was pretty: AND SPEEDY. It took 1/8th of the time Vista took to boot: AKA Vista took 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Greeted by the Login screen, I logged in. I had simply clicked my username and input my password. Once done, it took a few seconds before the Ubuntu Theme SFX plays to greet me. Naturally, I wouldn’t have disabled it: it’s because the SFXs also play similar tunes when an error message pops up, for example.

Being a Gamer, the first thing I wanted to install is Steam. I headed to the nicely placed Firefox icon on top, which appears to be 3.6, and head over to steam. First thing I needed to do was to use XMarks to sync my bookmarks. After that was done, I managed to get the msi installer of Steam. Luckily, Wine was installed, so it went on the easy side of things. The steam client was set up correctly, the only minor annoyance I had was the fact some windows would reappear even if you close them, but it sometimes happens on the Windows Desktop, so I’m guessing it was more of Steam bug than Wine.

The tricky part (and still is) : installing and running the games. I’ve downloaded Half-Life 2 with the Ethernet cable for a nice 1.1MB/s speed. I try then to run it: White Screen, then the positions of the list menu of the title screen being garbage. Well, I fiddled around with Wine, and now the blurred background appears. One sole problem now remains, as soon as 3D is rendered, the game crashes. I’m still looking into the problem, becuase I want to try at least one GMod Video in Kdnlive before touching Vegas again.

Then I made an useless video, testing out KDNLIVE. Here it goes: a youtube poop?

Stupid and not needed, right? Well, this video did get me to learn a few things of kdnlive:


  • Don’t need to render that DARN VIDEO PREVIEW in order to have a decent speed preview.
  • Unlike Vegas and Premiere Pro CS3, it never froze on me for 20 minutes…
  • Title Editor works like Vegas and Premiere.
  • Dragging stuff into the project was easy.
  • 720p Video was speedy to render. Then again, that’s only 20 seconds, but still.
  • Imported an MKV. Really!
  • Nice 1st setup, clearly tells me if I want the default project to be in 720p.


  • The effects and how they are layed out: one big “show all applications on Windows 98, with 100+ apps.”
  • Preview window too small. Could only find the horizontal resize for the preview.
  • Every chop I did in the video, a weird sound plays in transition. See video for what I mean.
  • The timeline’s current position thing (DAT LINE). Sometimes it moves where you ask it too, sometimes it comes back to where it was originally.

So yeah, the app is pretty good. If it could fix thoses issues, maybe I might switch from Vegas to this. But then again, the lack of rendering a preview for the editor is a big plus.

Once I finished fooling around, I still could not get HL2 to work. Well, something changed: X crashes and I’m forced to reboot (thank god for a 20s boot). Van, up to this day I still have not found a way to make it work. And I wanted to play gmod. 😦

Minecraft free version on the Interwebs works nicely on Linux. I’ve also tested the full version of the game at a friend: wow, this game is really good. Really, really good. The free version is false advertising. They really need to put a 3-Day (Minecraft Days) trial of the real game.

File transferring on Linux is really fast compared to Windows. 2440 files (12 MB) took 5 mins on Windows, while it took less than ten seconds on Linux. This was tested with an external hard drive.

Overall, first experience is on the positive side.

Sam & Max appear in Source Filmmaker acting like Mute Robots.

Talk about unoriginal title choice. Will anyone be interested if I make a tutorial on how I did it? Oh, and I’m still writing about the Unexpected Linux Survival, and at the same time doing a Header for the new site.

This video is not made out of boredom. I’ll tell you guys soon.

Sapphire’s Unexpected Linux Survival ’til Summer!

Linux's Mascot, Tux. I'd better "Deal with It".

Up for a surprising surprise! My mom trashes me out until Summer off my crappy computer on Vista. My mom suggested that I co-habit in my Brother’s Computer. But guess what? He trashed out Windows XP in order to place Ubuntu, a Linux OS. As a Windows user, It will be hard to get used to this new keyboard, the new key placements, the new specs, and maybe the new OS. Why “maybe”? Because I already had a bit of experience with Linux. And really, you can’t ignore Linux if you already prefer The GIMP over Photoshop CS3. Yes, I am dead serious. No jokes.

So a new category of posts are going to be made! Unexpected Linux Survival is my experience with Linux until the summer period, or in other words, when school ends. Posts are going to be dated, and contain comedy bits, as well as critic and praise.

Well then. First post should be by today.

Radically going up in stats.

– The two most searched subjects for the blog turns out to be the Wii Disk Cleaner Homemade, and the recently announced RPG I have in the making. Wish that it would go above the 30 visitors a day (hi-score: 25)
– Movies I better watch sooner than never: The Social Network ( In order to figure out why is this a good movie. ), and Tron Legacy ( Looks badass. ).
– Thinking of doing reviews. Could be of any sort: Video Games, Movies, RPG Maker games…

I might do this style of post for updates. Let me know how if you like it.

Tales of Graces is coming to the US!…

…But only the ps3 version. Because we all know that the Wii version is bugged…

…oh come on! I only own a Wii!

(I’d like to do a Google Translate version if only I could understand the way of getting the important files of the ISO.)

In better news, I got that Pendulum album “Immersion” today! Best track has got to be The Fountain.