Sapphire’s Unexpected Linux Survival ’til Summer!

Linux's Mascot, Tux. I'd better "Deal with It".

Up for a surprising surprise! My mom trashes me out until Summer off my crappy computer on Vista. My mom suggested that I co-habit in my Brother’s Computer. But guess what? He trashed out Windows XP in order to place Ubuntu, a Linux OS. As a Windows user, It will be hard to get used to this new keyboard, the new key placements, the new specs, and maybe the new OS. Why “maybe”? Because I already had a bit of experience with Linux. And really, you can’t ignore Linux if you already prefer The GIMP over Photoshop CS3. Yes, I am dead serious. No jokes.

So a new category of posts are going to be made! Unexpected Linux Survival is my experience with Linux until the summer period, or in other words, when school ends. Posts are going to be dated, and contain comedy bits, as well as critic and praise.

Well then. First post should be by today.


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