My first experience with 3D. Surprising.

So I’ve experienced the first effect of this so-called “3D Experience” at the cinema. I was one of thoses types who said: “Bah, it’s just crap marketing that the world is falling for.” Now I take that line back… partially.

So I’ve decided to watch Tron: Legacy at the cinema with my brother. Being broke as hell, we did not have pop-corn, and unfortunately left the water at home. What did we bring? Dorritoes, great snack when your through is dry as hell during the entire course of the movie.

So we entered this absurdly tiny room. Yes, tiny. This is a big-ass cinema in Paris. Maybe it’s due to the fact that the viewers need to have the entire screen in front and not from an angle. Anyway, we arrived just on time, being rushed… for the advertisements. Great. Maybe that’s why piraters pirate. But that’s a dumb excuse. I mean, ADS ARE TEH BEST THI- *shot*. Once the advertisements are done, there’s the cinema’s mascot. He politly asks- *ahem* writes on the screen to make us wear 3D glasses. Are we are on a trip to acidity?

Ads. Ads in 3D. Genius. What’s the first ad?

Haribo. Nothing fancy, until a TON OF SWEETS FALL. This was amazing 3D. This deserves Best Picture of the Oscars hands down. Here, take a look. 3D Glasses needed.

And later on, more ads.

The film came on afterwards. A kind note pops out to tell us that some scenes of the movie were intentionally filmed in 2D. But do keep thoses glasses on. All the time.

What I did in the movie was remove the glasses in 2D scenes and place the glasses in 3D. The problem? There was BARELY ANY 3D SCENES. In the 3D Scenes, it only had something that made you flip: get yourself pwned by a disc. Badass. But it happened too rarely.

The movie had great visuals, bad ass music, but the only thing apart from the 3D lack was the Story’s clichéness: I foretold that the father would stay, the grid would go “boom” in some way, the girl and main character will escape safely and live happily ever after. And I completly forgot about Alan’s existance.

Funny that there’s no TRON related image to this post whatsoever?


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