The GMan is a Spy!

So I have not published much in terms of videos. Fixed. Also, a tutorial is coming up on how to animate models (in my way). Gman might not look animated, but he is fully animated. Hand-made, too!

Coming up next would also be a test of Half-Life 2 through Source Filmmaker. I’m curious to see it’s behaviour.


Small Update Post on Random Subjects

Quick little update to the reader who is actually willing to read this blog:
* The TF2 RPG is soon going to have a test video! This includes UI, Movement in Map, one battle, Gaben Help and more.
* I have plans for making a tutorial in SFM for adding extra characters, such as Sam & Max in the last video. This is an alternative to the animation through prop_dynamic and allows animation for models without an animation embed.
* Would someone care if I started doing reviews? Movies, Music, Games…