Assuming the high reception of the TF2 RPG…

…the serie will continue in a episodic release!

"Youve done me proud, boys!" -Soldier

As you can notice with the image nicely shot in Garry’s Mod, you can tell already that the first two playable characters are the Soldier (Main Character) and the Scout. The first location is Well, because the Soldier & the Scout have finished their search for BLU’s Intelligence, but failed to locate it in this empty Well. They need to jump on a Train to arrive to Fastlane, one of RED’s Base. Obviously, BLUs start appearing as they head to the train.

In other words, not going to spoil the rest of the story. But I can explain some other things.

Camera angles are going to be improved in the battle scenes. This means a moving camera for the entrance in Battle, the switch from ally to enemy, a rough camera switch for attacks, special attacks, etc… Then come animations. I’m planning on animating when an Item is used. But I would only be able to animate that in SFM, and not embbed into the model. If someone could animate the nine classes to lift an arm, open their hand, and then place their hand back, that would be awesome.

I’m also experimenting with some Special Effects in Source Filmmaker, as well as prop_dynamic animating (as well as binding keys to play the sequences). I can also animate external models to Tf2, but they require some animations embed (such as Alyx, or a TF2 Model Hack).


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