Finding tracks.

For the Team Fortress 2 Story Mode (still need to look for a nice title), I’ve been thinking that using Team Fortress 2 Music only isn’t going to help. Using Valve music is not going to help much either, because that’s either Half-Life, Portal or Left 4 Dead, all which differs greatly from the Team Fortress atmosphere. Using music from other video games might help, but can sometimes offer a huge contrast between sound (from 16-bit tunes to some orchestral) and it’s non-usability when dealing with more “commercial” ends.

So what’s left? Here’s one: Jamendo. It’s a free music hosting site that offers Indie Open-Source Music for Free. Under creative commons, they have music from Attribution to Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDeriv, etc… The site is in French, so you might need to learn that before going forward.

Now I’ll be showing off a selection of tracks that could go great in the TF2 Story. Hit the jump for the tracks.

Klein Anatomy (Re-Drum / Colours II)

This track goes perfectly for the silent and mysterious atmosphere of the Energy Cut inside of [BUILDING NAME, SPOILERS SO NO LEAK]. It also goes well because of the lighting atmosphere, that’s gonna be either pitch black or a few lightspot with a disturbing color tone. This is probably the only track that will be so techno.

Back to Adventure (Butterfly Tea / Magical and Fantasy Musics)

This track would go well for some final assault, or even to higher the moral or a life saving moment.

Dawn of the moon (KRE Soff / Turn)

This would go perfectly for a Teaser. Or at least the first 30 seconds or so. Teasers are around that length, right?

Abrupt Descent (KRE Soff / Turn)

Two tracks from the same album! Anyway, this track gives a vibe of some sort of offensive push. The first few seconds are some sort of preparation scene, but then it tackles with thoses guitars. Once the drums are played, it’s the offensive push.

Auto (Emorej / More Emorej)

Talk about a simplistic title. Okay, this should only play before the Car Honks arrive. Should definatly be a shopping/elevator/tv channel music.

This post will be updated if I find more musics.


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