Le Saboteur: New Sapper for the Spy

I’ve whipped up a new sapper for the spy in a single day: from a basic rectangle to the textured finale. I used a reference of the sapper that I’ve imported into Blender to get the proportions right, but that’s all.

Something I found annoying was that itemtest does not allow you to change the sapper! If I replace it by a different weapon slot, it goes into the spy’s… well, that part, ahem. You see, right?

The concept of the Saboteur is that it is a prototype of the stock Sapper, and it has been modded: that explains the lack of a screen and the battery inside that’s been added in. However, the wires and such are burned up, so it explains the black colors inside the sapper.

Here’s some stats I’ve been thinking about for this weapon:

+25% Sapping Speed

– Any damage inflicted to the Sapper can remove it. (Approximatly 2 wrench hits damage). This includes bullets, rockets, melee and stickies. Fluids like the Jarate or the Mad Milk also remove the sapper.

I have no plans on releasing this, but if some people are interested, let me know and I will think about it.


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