I am fully charged!

I recently got myself a laptop with an over_powered card for a mere 450€: the AMD Radeon HD 6650M. It fares very well, can run all Source Games on High with Anti-Alliasing. And man, things look pretty.

The only things I don’t like about this card are:

  • While GIMP is open, it sometimes shows graphical artifacts for a split second.
  • GMod’s Super DoF only works 50% of the time. How the hell did a Intel GMA manage to have only an 90% success rate is beyond my knowledge.
  • I get paranoid when the fps looses consistency.
  • Selecting a bone in blender takes 1-2 seconds.
Minecraft runs at 70fps, and all source games run between 60 and 120fps.
Expect more videos in the future, since Blender’s preview of the animation is always constant.

My first model: now in source!

So a few posts back, you’ll notice that I showed off two animations of TF2 Characters, and a hat. Well, proud to announce that the hat is finished! Will it be given to the TF2 Contribute? Hell no:

  • I’m not too proud of the jigglebones. They work okay in the model viewer but are non-existant in TF2. Why? Beats me.
  • The texture is not too great either.
  • The hat goes for a whopping 9000 polygons! The max for a TF2 Hat is 800 polygons. That’s a lot.
So here’s a look at the Engineer’s Graduation Hat.
If you’d like to have the hat, tell me through commentary, I might place this on the download section.

Assuming the high reception of the TF2 RPG…

…the serie will continue in a episodic release!

"Youve done me proud, boys!" -Soldier

As you can notice with the image nicely shot in Garry’s Mod, you can tell already that the first two playable characters are the Soldier (Main Character) and the Scout. The first location is Well, because the Soldier & the Scout have finished their search for BLU’s Intelligence, but failed to locate it in this empty Well. They need to jump on a Train to arrive to Fastlane, one of RED’s Base. Obviously, BLUs start appearing as they head to the train.

In other words, not going to spoil the rest of the story. But I can explain some other things.

Camera angles are going to be improved in the battle scenes. This means a moving camera for the entrance in Battle, the switch from ally to enemy, a rough camera switch for attacks, special attacks, etc… Then come animations. I’m planning on animating when an Item is used. But I would only be able to animate that in SFM, and not embbed into the model. If someone could animate the nine classes to lift an arm, open their hand, and then place their hand back, that would be awesome.

I’m also experimenting with some Special Effects in Source Filmmaker, as well as prop_dynamic animating (as well as binding keys to play the sequences). I can also animate external models to Tf2, but they require some animations embed (such as Alyx, or a TF2 Model Hack).

Sapphire’s Unexpected Linux Survival ’til Summer!

Linux's Mascot, Tux. I'd better "Deal with It".

Up for a surprising surprise! My mom trashes me out until Summer off my crappy computer on Vista. My mom suggested that I co-habit in my Brother’s Computer. But guess what? He trashed out Windows XP in order to place Ubuntu, a Linux OS. As a Windows user, It will be hard to get used to this new keyboard, the new key placements, the new specs, and maybe the new OS. Why “maybe”? Because I already had a bit of experience with Linux. And really, you can’t ignore Linux if you already prefer The GIMP over Photoshop CS3. Yes, I am dead serious. No jokes.

So a new category of posts are going to be made! Unexpected Linux Survival is my experience with Linux until the summer period, or in other words, when school ends. Posts are going to be dated, and contain comedy bits, as well as critic and praise.

Well then. First post should be by today.