The Engineer Graduate, round 2.

Alright, monthly update of the year. Anyone remember my previous engineer hat? Well, now I’ve got myself to do a remake of it, and it shall be submitted to Valve when I finish it.

And this hat is more beaten up than the previous one! Who said the Engineer kept his graduation hat in a trophy room? However, the Golden Wrench victims are kept in his trophy room.

The hat needs to go to the texturing phase, then I’ll add some jigglebones to the tassel and I shall finally see how it looks in TF2. Oh, and it currently is 450 polygons, a way, way better number than my first attempt. I’ll keep you guys updated on it.


Blender Animating: Test Runs & Other Stuff

To think that one version ago, Blender was a ugly, un-comprehensible, and complicated 3D Modelling Program, it was a real shock when I laid hands on Blender 2.5… I strongly urge you to get it here, as for people who can’t afford to get 3DS Max/Maya/etc (or will not take the way of piracy), it’s a really great alternative. It’s just like The GIMP and Photoshop: GIMP wasn’t that great (let’s be honest), but as soon as it became more friendly and with more options, it’s easily the best alternative to Photoshop.

I’ve started doing, up till now, two projects: a Team Fortress 2 Hat, and a “Story Mode” for Team Fortress 2.

Let’s go to the hat. Here’s a quick screenshot of the hat needing better textures ASAP:

It’s a graduation hat for the Engineer. The base is supposed to be more mechanical to represent the fact that the Engineer is so good that he had the time to mod his hat on graduation day.

Another thing I’d like to add would be the Tassel of the graduation hat with some bones, so that it would be affected by physics. According to Wikipedia, there is no Tassel color that corresponds to Engineering, so I guess that it would be either Red or Blue based on the team. Funny enough, Red would be Theology and Blue would be¬†Philosophy. Odd.

Next comes my two test animations, featuring the Engineer and the Spy. It would be extremely helpful if someone knew how to export theses animations into a pre-existing Character model in Source. Really.

The engineer one was my very first one. Did not know much about the timeline so the action is a bit too fast.

The second video, with the Spy this time, offers a slower animation. Seems a bit more subtle, a bit too subtle, actually.

Again, if someone knows how to export animations into an already existing source engine model, please let me know. Oh, and I’m planning on using more Blender and less SFM. I might even abandon SFM if Blender provides better end results. Time will only tell.

Dustbowl is not so dusty as you’d think.

Excuse me for yet another month of pure emptiness. I just had a lot of stuff going on, mostly on the negative aspect, but whatever. Here: I’m not dead. Now that I got rid of that, here’s a few things I was waiting to say about one project.

Team Fortress 2 RPG Story Mode

Screw the RPG, the story that was written for it is PERFECT for a TF2 Story Mode (cinematics and such). Stuff will be animated in Blender if possible, then rendered in GMod. If I have too, I’ll go the extra step of taking out my Creative Suite 3 disc and installing the After Effects. Yes, this is really the “MaxofS2D”‘style of animation, but it’s a pretty badass one, you have to agree.

I’m also trying to make this the most professional possible. The lines of work might require me to hire some voices actors. For characters like the nine classes, a similar voice would be awesome. The original voice works would be for NPCs (such as the announcer or the Scout’s Mama).

Another thing is that I’m going to try to make a common soldier model. This Soldier is like the common worker of BLU Team, because having two teams of clones in a Story just dosn’t do it.

Small Update Post on Random Subjects

Quick little update to the reader who is actually willing to read this blog:
* The TF2 RPG is soon going to have a test video! This includes UI, Movement in Map, one battle, Gaben Help and more.
* I have plans for making a tutorial in SFM for adding extra characters, such as Sam & Max in the last video. This is an alternative to the animation through prop_dynamic and allows animation for models without an animation embed.
* Would someone care if I started doing reviews? Movies, Music, Games…

Radically going up in stats.

– The two most searched subjects for the blog turns out to be the Wii Disk Cleaner Homemade, and the recently announced RPG I have in the making. Wish that it would go above the 30 visitors a day (hi-score: 25)
– Movies I better watch sooner than never: The Social Network ( In order to figure out why is this a good movie. ), and Tron Legacy ( Looks badass. ).
– Thinking of doing reviews. Could be of any sort: Video Games, Movies, RPG Maker games…

I might do this style of post for updates. Let me know how if you like it.

Downloads again?

Update: I didn’t add the stuff in it, but it’s there and nice to look at. Stuff should be coming soon.

I’m trying to rebuild the Downloads page, should include stuff such as video downloads, wallpapers, resources (bsp, textures, music…) and more.

Medic Bond is still in the Works. I still need a good name, but I guess it will do as a placeholder.

Feel free to send me suggestions.

More information on Professor Heavy

Hey everyone,
I’m nearing completion of the story. I can tell some new info on the video.

– In some puzzles, you need to click on the correct answer. In some other puzzles, you’ll need to enter a value. In that case, an Input Answer button will lead you to a video, were you input your answer.
– Some puzzles are connected to the story, but the majority isn’t connected story-wise.
– Entirety of BLU are puzzle freaks.
– The assistant of Professor Heavy is Scout. They are both on RED Team.
– Kidnapping scene included.
– Professor Heavy only uses his weapons twice, although he says it’s not a gentleman’s style.
– Scout only has a Bat.
– BLU will (nearly

) never shoot.

– Original TF2 Voices used. Limited speech.