An empty month? Here are some MINECRAFT Wallpapers!

First of all, sorry for the lack of posts. My computer recently went down, and I’m now stuck on my brother’s Linux Computer until I can afford a new one. This means I can barely access Steam (only to play HL1:S) and I don’t have either Sony Vegas nor the models of TF2. Actually, I do have the models, but I don’t have the textures. While I can still animate in Blender, I can render videos with TF2 Characters…

That brings us to Minecraft! Since I’ve got everything textured and ready, easy to pose, and just recently learned how to do some awesome lighting shenanigans, here are some wallpapers I’ve whipped up.

1280×720 / 1280×800

1280×720 / 1280×800



1280×720 / 1280×800

Also, the download page will be removed for a more¬†convenient¬†download category. Also, I forget way less this way. You can also check out my Youtube Channel for a quick 11 second animation, but it’s crap because of it being rendered at 16fps and that playback testing was at 3fps. 3FPS, YOU HEARD RIGHT! Also, all downloads go through, in order to generate me some “revenue”. They all lead you to Photobucket in the end.


Fad Busters

Alright, so I don’t think that redoing a YouTube channel with a fad to start will look correct.
So I’ve been randomly thinking about what to make. One of thoses random ideas is “Professor Heavy and the Secret of Pyro”… Yes, it’s a layton parody. Starring the RED Heavy as the Professor, and BOY Scout as his assistant. Yes, you’ll need to solve the puzzles through your browser, that’s all thanks to annotations.

Puzzles will be TF2 Related, so the puzzles would be comprehensible to TF2 Players.

However, I need some help. I need at least 4 actors on screen. I can’t act, since I act as Camera man, and my presence would disappear in Source Recorder… I also need some well-though TF2 Puzzles, in case I lose ideas…
Contributors to this project will be credited.

Also, keep note that we won’t… argh, I’m saying too much! It’s confidential.
Now, it’s back on movie making roots for me.