Le Saboteur: New Sapper for the Spy

I’ve whipped up a new sapper for the spy in a single day: from a basic rectangle to the textured finale. I used a reference of the sapper that I’ve imported into Blender to get the proportions right, but that’s all.

Something I found annoying was that itemtest does not allow you to change the sapper! If I replace it by a different weapon slot, it goes into the spy’s… well, that part, ahem. You see, right?

The concept of the Saboteur is that it is a prototype of the stock Sapper, and it has been modded: that explains the lack of a screen and the battery inside that’s been added in. However, the wires and such are burned up, so it explains the black colors inside the sapper.

Here’s some stats I’ve been thinking about for this weapon:

+25% Sapping Speed

– Any damage inflicted to the Sapper can remove it. (Approximatly 2 wrench hits damage). This includes bullets, rockets, melee and stickies. Fluids like the Jarate or the Mad Milk also remove the sapper.

I have no plans on releasing this, but if some people are interested, let me know and I will think about it.


Blender Animating: Test Runs & Other Stuff

To think that one version ago, Blender was a ugly, un-comprehensible, and complicated 3D Modelling Program, it was a real shock when I laid hands on Blender 2.5… I strongly urge you to get it here, as for people who can’t afford to get 3DS Max/Maya/etc (or will not take the way of piracy), it’s a really great alternative. It’s just like The GIMP and Photoshop: GIMP wasn’t that great (let’s be honest), but as soon as it became more friendly and with more options, it’s easily the best alternative to Photoshop.

I’ve started doing, up till now, two projects: a Team Fortress 2 Hat, and a “Story Mode” for Team Fortress 2.

Let’s go to the hat. Here’s a quick screenshot of the hat needing better textures ASAP:

It’s a graduation hat for the Engineer. The base is supposed to be more mechanical to represent the fact that the Engineer is so good that he had the time to mod his hat on graduation day.

Another thing I’d like to add would be the Tassel of the graduation hat with some bones, so that it would be affected by physics. According to Wikipedia, there is no Tassel color that corresponds to Engineering, so I guess that it would be either Red or Blue based on the team. Funny enough, Red would be Theology and Blue would be¬†Philosophy. Odd.

Next comes my two test animations, featuring the Engineer and the Spy. It would be extremely helpful if someone knew how to export theses animations into a pre-existing Character model in Source. Really.

The engineer one was my very first one. Did not know much about the timeline so the action is a bit too fast.

The second video, with the Spy this time, offers a slower animation. Seems a bit more subtle, a bit too subtle, actually.

Again, if someone knows how to export animations into an already existing source engine model, please let me know. Oh, and I’m planning on using more Blender and less SFM. I might even abandon SFM if Blender provides better end results. Time will only tell.