More information on Professor Heavy

Hey everyone,
I’m nearing completion of the story. I can tell some new info on the video.

– In some puzzles, you need to click on the correct answer. In some other puzzles, you’ll need to enter a value. In that case, an Input Answer button will lead you to a video, were you input your answer.
– Some puzzles are connected to the story, but the majority isn’t connected story-wise.
– Entirety of BLU are puzzle freaks.
– The assistant of Professor Heavy is Scout. They are both on RED Team.
– Kidnapping scene included.
– Professor Heavy only uses his weapons twice, although he says it’s not a gentleman’s style.
– Scout only has a Bat.
– BLU will (nearly

) never shoot.

– Original TF2 Voices used. Limited speech.


Back on Twitter, everyone!

It’s been a long time since I layed my hands on Twitter. The main reason being that the only way I could tweet was through a computer. Impractical.

That’s all over thanks to my phone. I can tweet at anytime, now.

Also, it’s handy to regain views on my new YouTube channel, along with this blog. I’m still on vacation, so I’ll do severe updates to the Twitter page after I come back.

Let’s do a test. How many would click this link that I’ll put on Twitter? Hmm…

Source Film Maker

Finally managed to obtain the Tf2 beta. I’m testing it, and maybe Professor Heavy will be made in Source FilmMaker. It’s a shame Valve still didn’t release the two last meet the videos, because then they would be able to release it for public use, and that way I don’t fill up my Hard Drive with 5gb of a game I already have.

More info about P. Heavy after the try with Source Film Maker.