Never posting thoses downloads, huh?

Probably because I can’t bear Mediafire. Sure, it’s great to download but horrible to upload. Might get it done on the week end.
Oh, and no one saw the scout duel video, right?


Updating the Downloads page later today.

Just passing by to say that. Oh, and you can expect a banner for the site too. I’m planning to upload most videos that are on Youtube on the downloads page. Also, I might ship in the DMX files for Source Filmmaker of thoses videos.

Non-TF2 Native characters in Source Filmmaker!

I figured out how to add non-tf2 native characters in the Source Filmmaker before. But now, I figured out hox to animate them completely! 😀

Just a little hint: if the whole body rotates in the preview, just keep rotating until you notice the bone that’s rotated is in the CORRECT position: when you play back, it will not make the body look rotated. 😉

Keep an eye out for a video soon.