Just telling that I’m making a new banner for my blog.


Progress of Professor

Hiya there,
Just here to say that the first 5 puzzles are made. This movie will only contain 10 puzzles. However, if I receive positive feedback, I might make a sequel.

This dosn’t mean I won’t add some bonus puzzles…


So I’ve been thinking if doing Professor Heavy and the secret of Pyro with bots would be easier than begging my steam friends, since very little moving is going to occur. However, I’m not sure how to add bots with hats. Anyway, this post is labeled as Sneak Peak, because I got some stuff to show.

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Fad Busters

Alright, so I don’t think that redoing a YouTube channel with a fad to start will look correct.
So I’ve been randomly thinking about what to make. One of thoses random ideas is “Professor Heavy and the Secret of Pyro”… Yes, it’s a layton parody. Starring the RED Heavy as the Professor, and BOY Scout as his assistant. Yes, you’ll need to solve the puzzles through your browser, that’s all thanks to annotations.

Puzzles will be TF2 Related, so the puzzles would be comprehensible to TF2 Players.

However, I need some help. I need at least 4 actors on screen. I can’t act, since I act as Camera man, and my presence would disappear in Source Recorder… I also need some well-though TF2 Puzzles, in case I lose ideas…
Contributors to this project will be credited.

Also, keep note that we won’t… argh, I’m saying too much! It’s confidential.
Now, it’s back on movie making roots for me.

Looks like I should never leave a blog rotting like that…

…or mold will come to haunt me!

Where shall I start? First thing, no more school for me. Yeah, passed my exams without problems. Second, I deleted YouTube Accounts SonicMaster1 & TheSapphireIce, in favor of a single account: TheSapphireSwords. Yes, this means I’ll finally start that d*mn machinima. And last, but not least…
I obtained a new phone: the HTC Legend. I’m now posting on this blog with the phone.

So I guess I’m not dead. Seriously.