Alright, time to get on a real project.

Yeah, I’ve decided to stop the GMod Short “The Tool Gun”. Not forever, however. However, I’ve got an awesome machinima idea. Not much will be revealed this time, but let me give you a few details…

  • Source Filmmaker will be used.
  • Custom models with custom animations will be used.
  • There will be only one TF2 character: and it’s not one of the nine classes.
  • Other VALVE characters will appear.
  • Get ready to meet your maker.

And nothing more to add.


I’m guessing I’ll enter a collab…

Maybe it’s a good thing to get back some popularity with an entry in a collab. Make’s more people have a look at your YT page… The video in this post is the collab I’ll give a shot at. Expect within a few days.