I am fully charged!

I recently got myself a laptop with an over_powered card for a mere 450€: the AMD Radeon HD 6650M. It fares very well, can run all Source Games on High with Anti-Alliasing. And man, things look pretty.

The only things I don’t like about this card are:

  • While GIMP is open, it sometimes shows graphical artifacts for a split second.
  • GMod’s Super DoF only works 50% of the time. How the hell did a Intel GMA manage to have only an 90% success rate is beyond my knowledge.
  • I get paranoid when the fps looses consistency.
  • Selecting a bone in blender takes 1-2 seconds.
Minecraft runs at 70fps, and all source games run between 60 and 120fps.
Expect more videos in the future, since Blender’s preview of the animation is always constant.

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