My first model: now in source!

So a few posts back, you’ll notice that I showed off two animations of TF2 Characters, and a hat. Well, proud to announce that the hat is finished! Will it be given to the TF2 Contribute? Hell no:

  • I’m not too proud of the jigglebones. They work okay in the model viewer but are non-existant in TF2. Why? Beats me.
  • The texture is not too great either.
  • The hat goes for a whopping 9000 polygons! The max for a TF2 Hat is 800 polygons. That’s a lot.
So here’s a look at the Engineer’s Graduation Hat.
If you’d like to have the hat, tell me through commentary, I might place this on the download section.

One response to “My first model: now in source!

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